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Asset Portal

The Asset Portal Module provides a comprehensive solution for agencies/ companies that need help to manage physical assets and inventory, maintaining accountability and controlling plant maintenance both on and off site.

How Asset Portal can work for you

GRP and Asset Admin that work together. Asset Administration (also called Asset Portal) was built into GRP. Users will be able to register, monitor, transfer, loan, write-off and dispose of assets from Asset Administration which will then be captured and reflected in the GRP..

Integrated content management. GRP provides a consolidated view of all asset records in a single database. This access to all assets provides every member of your team a complete overview of the assets of the agency/ company.

Visibility. Dashboards and reports provide real-time data to help your team manage assets. Efficiently communicate and collaborate with other departments through the GRP Asset Admin Portal.

Key benefits of Asset Portal for your business

Asset Registration

Complete overview of the assets owned by the agency/ company which monitors the asset book value and calculates the needed depreciation.

Asset Allocation/ Placement

Easily update the asset owners and asset locations (changes).

Asset Transfer

Update asset transfers with new location and owner details.

Asset Lost and Stolen

Capture details of assets lost or stolen..

Loan of Asset

Update assets on loan with new location and owner details.

Loss and write-Off

To record write-off or lost and or stolen assets.

Additional features of Asset Portal

  • Multiple Depreciation Books
  • Disposal of ICT and Non ICT Assets
  • Complaint Management
  • Fixed Asset Reporting

Multiple Depreciation Books

Create multiple depreciation books tax and reporting purposes that do not update the general ledger. Assign tax and reporting fiscal years that are independent of your actual financial ledger.

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