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Budget Preparation

How Budget Preparation can work for you

This module provides a fast and effective way of creating business models, entering data, reviewing, submitting, consolidating, and reporting the organisation’s annual plans and forecasts through the Internet or company intranet.  Budgets are instantly consolidated, and results can be viewed in any currency by those with the appropriate permissions.  Data input facilities are optimised for budgeting and data that has been entered or consolidated can be reviewed using powerful multidimensional ‘slice’ and ‘dice’ capabilities.

Data is kept in the original currency entered and appropriate currency conversion is automatically applied by the system, ensuring consistent results and the ability to easily see the effect of currency movements.  All the Government ‘Anggaran Belanjawan Mengurus (ABM) ‘and’Anggaran Belanjawan Pembangunan (ABP)’ worksheets with the Budget Book are some of the output from this Budget PreparationModule. 

Additional features of Budget Preparation

  • Web-based for ease of access=
  • Secure
  • Extended Multi-dimensional modelling
  • Multiple Currency
  • Accessible Data
  • Flexible Collaboration
  • Flexible Reporting
  • Business Modelling
  • Fast Consolidation
  • Workflow Management
  • Excel Spreadsheet Interaction
  • Integration with Budgetary Control

Web-based for ease of access

Budget Preparation utilizes a ‘thin client’ browser-based system that is accessible on any desktop or notebook without the need for software deployment..

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