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How eClaims can work for you

e-Claims is a solution that maximises operational results by improving process effectiveness, eliminating fraud, introducing cost efficiencies and ensuring speedy claims resolution.

• Reduce the amount of time spent completing monthly expense claims
• Standardised claim format procedures and claimable expenses
• Eliminate data entry costs / redundancy of data entry by Finance Department staff
• Automated approval process by department and divisional managers and etc;
• Assist auditing process efficiently via electronic record history

Key benefits of eClaims for your business

Web Based



Multiple User Interface

Cross Device

Flexible Reporting

Additional features of eClaims

  • It’s Flexible
  • It’s Convenient
  • It’s Efficient & Time Saving
  • Affordable & Cost Saving
  • Benefits for Employees
  • Benefits for Finance Department
  • Benefits for Company /Agency

It’s Flexible

It is web-based and offers cross-platform, cross-browser support. It is designed to be fully customizable to the needs of your organisations.

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