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Insights – Analytics

How Insights – Analytics can work for you

Insights is the only enterprise BI and Analytics platform that connects together the entire organisation through a network of interwoven visualized BI instances on-top a shared common analytical fabric. It delivers the speed and agility front – line business workers demand and the scale, security and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards. All of these and much more with low total cost ownership via private cloud configurations.

Key benefits of Insights – Analytics for your business

Comprehensive, Integrated BI and Analytics Platform

Data Warehouses Created On-the-Fly

Automatically Updated Dashboards and Alerts

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

Full Reporting Engine with Pixel Perfect Reporting

Connects Directly to Many Types of External Data Sources

Additional features of Insights – Analytics

Complete view of company data available to non-technical persons

Freedom of data analytics

Optimise end-to-end business processes by combining data from all sources

Consistent data – no more arguments in meetings about who has the right numbers

Expedited implementation

Plugs into and extends existing EDW, application and discovery investments

Data is secure, stored cost effective and controlled centrally

Scales to any number of users

Cloud vs On- Premise





Subscription Fee

(Operational Expenditure)

Upfront cost of software, license, hardware and all related system software for operating system and database (Capital Expenditure)


Zero Cost

Yearly maintenance fee (approximately 22% of licence fee per year)

Hardware Maintenance

Zero Cost

Client to ensure maintenance and durability of hardware



Client to ensure all backup for data and application are in place

Software / Technology Upgrade


Client responsible for any version upgrades in line with technology trend

Security / Business Continuity

Data Privacy / security, availability, performance, backup and disaster recovery are managed by cloud provider and built into subscription cost

Data Privacy / security, availability, performance, backup and disaster recovery are managed by clients at own cost


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