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Integrated Marketing

GRP delivers an integrated marketing solution, tightly connected with financials and content management, to improve collaboration between sales, marketing, and support while ensuring maximum ROI for each marketing dollar spent.

How Integrated Marketing can work for you

Manage leads, improve conversions, measure campaign performance, communicate with contacts, and improve productivity. Capture leads from web forms, purchased lists, advertisements, direct mail, events, and other sources.

Key Benefits of Integrated Marketing for your Agency/ Company

Integrated Document Management

Maintain a central repository of customer collateral, email templates, price lists, contract templates, pictures, videos, and other documents through the integrated document management solution. Maintain a document history and enforce access permissions for each document.

HubSpot Integration

Integrate HubSpot, the preferred Marketing Automation system, to GRP CRM. Sync information between systems to automate processes such as nurture marketing.

Lead and List Management

Aggregate leads from your website, purchased lists, trade shows, and manual entry. Automatically assign and rout according to your pre-set criteria. Find and merge duplicates automatically.

Email Marketing

Create email templates to ensure that newsletters, email campaigns, and direct communications have consistent branding and messaging. Send monthly newsletters, promotions, and other communication to specific lists.

Important Features of Integrated Marketing

  • Lifecycle Management
  • Integrated Financial Application
  • Online Marketing
  • Segmentation Tools
  • Campaign Management
  • Dashboards and Favorites
  • Partnership Marketing
  • Opportunity Stages for Each Opportunity

Lifecycle Management

Track clients through prospecting, closing, and up-selling on a single, integrated system. Maintain a complete history of communication and offers to eliminate confusion and improve conversion rates. .

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