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Petaling Jaya, June 26th, 2019 – Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Censof Holdings Berhad today announced the official launch of its integrated Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution called GRP 9.0.

GRP 9.0 will enable government agencies to transform and achieve efficient service delivery, participation and governance. It is a web-based comprehensive resource planning solution that supports management of finance, human resource, assets and e-procurement, all integrated in one product, allowing related operational elements to work together in the most effective manner.

Century Software is the leading provider of financial management solutions developed on SAGA (Standard Accounting System for Government Agencies) compliant standard. With over 20 years of delivering customer focused solutions, Century Software are experienced at helping the Government agencies to take advantage of innovative cloud technology, to improve customer experiences, to increase their own productivity, and to achieve better transparency, accountability, and efficiency among national government agencies.

The GRP 9.0 was designed to meet the needs of Government agencies of all sizes, and provides modern technologies needed to ensure the highest degrees of scalability, reliability, and flexibility.

Century Software Chief Executive Officer, Zainul Ariffin Harun said: “As a key player in this nation’s growth, we are concerned about how to revitalize public administration and services to make them more transparent, proactive, efficient and service-oriented. Our GRP 9.0 helps in centralizing transactional data and results in proper accounting of all financial transactions across the system. It helps in seamless integration and ensures completeness of data.”

Towards the road to becoming a digital nation, the new GRP 9.0, will be made available to all national government agencies within the next month. The integrated platform will provide a sustainable solution that is extensible, flexible and adaptable to reforms as well as suits a wide range of public financial requirements.

The newly launched GRP 9.0 can be accessed through devices, such as mobile phones and tablets as well. Users can now access the system over the Internet using a standard browser or dedicated mobile apps. Being able to access your business software remotely means staff and field service personnel can capture and enter data wherever they. GRP 9.0 is also a cloud enabled solution.

“The solution helps government agencies increase public administration efficiency and eventually, providing better service quality to citizens. The solution also helps improve accountability across government organizations, and provides the ability for centralized decision-making, based on consolidated real data and reports”, Censof Group Managing Director, Ameer Bin Shaik Mydin.