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Customized Solution for Government

In line with Malaysia’s plan to move forward with digital transformations, Government is embracing change and seeking innovative technologies to help with modernization efforts. CSM’s GovTech Division is a leading Customized Government Solution Provider with focus to support the Government in achieving targets along with Digital Transformation innitiatives.

Our is aimed to provide total end-to-end and integrated business solution services and develop leading edge, agile, custom-built core system applications for current and future systems, in ensuring government business is prepared for the upcoming challenges towards modernization and digitalization.

We focus on developing core automation for the operations of government agencies leveraging on a proven hybrid development model to cater for the Government comprehensive requirements and fast-to-market implementation needs.


Our Business Technology Consultants are always geared in providing the right and leading edge technology to meet our customers’ business requirements and our Subject Matter Experts (SME) pitched to assist government agencies identify and assess leading edge solutions purpose-built to solve problems and pain points such as reducing duplication of effort and manual process, enhances productivity, and ultimately empowers users to work more effectively and automate many routine tasks while improving the user experiences.

The outcome of our solution is built by harnessing the power of information, leveraging on our vast experiences in providing business intelligence and data science analytics, we are able to collect data from many external sources, in which Government can then measure and apply to improve its operational efficiency. Leaders and policymakers gravitate the most to these types of solutions as the data being captured can help improve outcomes that have a direct impact on the Government services being offered to the public for its public’s well-being.

“We are the Government Solution provider that enables the Government to be more efficient in providing for the People ” – GovSol provider.

Customized Government Projects

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