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Order Management Software

How Order Management can work for you

Agencies/ Companies that don’t carry an inventory can use GRP Order Management software as an alternative to GRP Distribution Edition. This integrated order management system gives you the tools to deliver better customer service, improve vendor relationships, and eliminate paperwork while providing all stakeholders with greater visibility into order management processes.

GRP Order Management software is an excellent option for service companies that need to create sales quotes, sales orders, and purchase orders, but without the need to handle inventory and warehouse management functions.

When purchased with Inventory Management, GRP Order Management includes Sales Order Management, Purchase Order Management, and Requisition Management with inventory-centric features.

Key Benefits of Order Management for Your Business

Know your true costs

Determine your profitability by product line, location, or business unit. Use real-time information to control costs across the entire supply and distribution chain.

Reduce order times

Eliminate delays through automated sales order processing and shipping order generation. Set rules to manage returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more.

Simplify pricing and discounts

Set up quantity and volume discounts as a percent or an amount. Specify multiple discount rules and sequences or allow the system to automatically apply the best discount combination. Maintain discounts in single and multiple currencies. Establish rules and policies for price overrides.

Save time with automation

Generate purchase orders automatically, or turn an approved quote into a sales order with one click.

Additional Features of Order Management 

  • Sales Order Management
  • Credit Limit Verification
  • Purchasing Integration
  • Vendor Bidding
  • Automated Requisitioning
  • CRM Integration
  • Audit Trail
  • Integrated Workflow
  • Sales Order Management

    Order management software from GRP lets you manage sales activities centrally. You can track prices, check available inventory, apply discounts, enter quotes, create shipments, and fulfill sales orders.

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