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Majlis Agama

Malaysia being a parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy has three tiers of government which are the Federal, State and Local Government. In the Development Administrative Circular, No 1 of 2011 (PKPA Bilangan 1 Tahun 2011) in the implementation of Standard Accounting of Government Agencies (SAGA), State Religious Councils were also included as part of the government initiative to streamline the financial and accounting system in the government sectors throughout the nation.

This is to ensure that the financial statements and other related financial outputs are accurate, timely and complete for all government stakeholders’ consumption. This will contribute to better planning and decision making and indirectly improve the delivery of public services to the citizens.


In Malaysia, there are 13 states and federal territories which make up the whole composition of Malaysia as a country. All these 13 states have their own State Islamic Religious Council, or locally known as Majlis Agama Islam Negeri (MAIN). The State Religious Council is the administrative function which is limited to the operations and activities related to zakat, waqf and baitulmal. Then, there is a Council who makes the policy, and this is what we refer as the Board.

Our Government Resource Planning (GRP) solution plays a pivotal role in supporting a smooth operation of the religious councils. We provide comprehensive end to end solution that encompasses the whole spectrum of the needs and operations of the religious councils. Not only do we provide a competent and transparent management of each council revenue, expenditure and financial investments of the council, the solution provides a thorough automated input, recording and monitoring tool of the religious council’s physical development projects, socio economic activities, collections of all types of income, disbursements to all types of zakat asnafs along with asset management preventive and maintenance functions.

Our GRP xRP platform also enables Religious Councils to develop systems around the main GRP system solution to support and meet any niche requirements of the entity especially in the areas of zakat, waqf, baitulmal, halal related requirements and other functions which are very peculiar to them. This ensures a seamless integration of processes, output, and reporting.

Our quick and easy setting of management dashboards with various color codes and graphical presentation for the purpose of ease of understanding provides the Religious Councils greater benefits as it made available notifications, exceptions, reporting and decision-making tools. It assists employees, officers, and the management of the councils in all aspects of administration. Above all it serves its target stakeholders in an efficient and competent manner.

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