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GRP Manufacturing Edition for Capital Equipment Manufacturers

Manage big projects from sales through estimating, production, and field service

How Manufacturing Edition software can work for you

Working with customers on specialty projects such as production machinery, engines, compressors, and construction equipment requires engineering, operations and business teamwork. The GRP cloud system enables you to provide your management and staff with an easy to use and tailored system for addressing requirements at every stage of the project. It supports project planning, costing, quoting, purchasing, and accounting. You can create workflow templates by project type and customize them when managing special requirements. Project management also includes notifications to keep customers, suppliers, and staff current on progress.

Key benefits of Manufacturing Edition for your capital equipment manufacturing company

Customer visibility

Dashboards and reports with built-in business intelligence streamline status reporting to customers, and they integrate with the GRP contract and document management systems for tracking complete projects.

Engineer-to-order (ETO)

The GRP estimating system integrates with engineering for managing deep bills of material (BOM) and complex routings, as well as project accounting for overall cost management.


Give customers and suppliers secure, cloud access to project updates, specifications, and documentation to save time and improve communications on design, engineering, and outsourced production tasks.

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