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Warehouse Management System

Streamline warehouse operations and transactions to reduce errors, automate processes, and increase productivity

How warehouse management software can work for you.

GRP WMS extends the Distribution Edition with barcode scanning for warehouse and inventory transactions. Accurately and efficiently manage your advanced warehouse needs in commerce, wholesale, manufacturing, retail, and other industries.

Key Benefits of Warehouse Management for for Your Agency/ Company

Reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction

Mistakes in order fulfillment lead to costly returns and lower customer satisfaction. Efficient barcode scanning and verification of picked items eliminate over-shipments, under-shipments, and shipping incorrect items.

Automate data capture

Automate routine picking, packaging, PO receiving, putting away, transferring, and physical counting tasks with customized workflows and form modes.

Lot and serial tracking

Serial and lot numbers are scanned and printed on the pick list and packing slip, so there can be no mistake about what was picked and shipped.

Hands-free operation

Leverage matrix items to create product families based on item and attribute variations. Define custom units of measure and conversions. Manage lot and serial tracked items.

Important Features of order fulfillment

  • Pick
  • Pack
  • Pick

    – Generate pick lists and packing slips, including wave and batch picking and bulk processing. Auto group items and shipments, calculate the best path for each picker, and split the wave or batch worksheet into separate pick lists for the available pickers.

    – Use barcodes to speed up picking process

    – Barcodes on picklists prevent picking items not included in the order.

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