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Will a computer ever be able to think like a human brain? Some say never, while others say we’re already at one’s fingertips, where the ability for machines see exactly like humans, understand and interact with the world is growing at an incredible rate and is only increasing with the volume of data that helps them learn and understand even faster.


The world is developing at a tremendous speed each minute, and at a similar speed it’s developing the general information estimate over the globe, which in fact constitutes the term known as ‘Big Data’. Aside from huge information, a yet another innovative upset that is overwhelming the world nowadays is ‘Artificial Intelligence ‘ or AI and ‘Machine Learning’. As we live in a generation full of high-tech revalorization that gives an impact in every part of our lives and society that provides new opportunities every day.


Big data can be defined as the digital brain that keeps on growing large sets of data that can be extremely varied. Big data provides the data needed to train the learning algorithms which does all the transactional data in a relational database, and less structured or unstructured data, such as images, email data, sensor data, or even gaining insight.


When it comes to Artificial intelligence it’s basically self-tuning software that gives real business breakthrough by learning to make decisions and does all the tasks that previously done by humans but fastest through trials, errors, and deduced in a way how human minds do. As we are witnessing these applications and insight are affecting how we work and live.


Big data is the fuel that powers AI, where the big data can feed all the data into a machine-learning algorithm that learns how to reproduce the behavior by collecting the data faster than trying to understand and provide for every single eventuality. Big data is essential to AI’s success, that’s why having large amounts of data is more important than ever. The more data AI has, the more accurate it

will become. The actual fact is they are true partners, and one would not be great without the other. Now AI is capable of learning without human support.