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Advanced Expense Management Software

Save time and minimize errors with automated credit card transaction imports, smart matching with artificial intelligence and machine learning, and push notifications to remind employees to submit expense receipts via their mobile device.

Automate Expense Receipt Creation with Smart Matching Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Configure connections to more than 14,000 financial institutions to synchronize credit card transactions with GRP. Connections take minutes to configure with flexible schedules and multiple levels of security. Default settings identify and automatically match expenses to general ledger accounts. Further, artificial intelligence identifies which transactions are already in the system and automates categorizing new transactions. Machine learning improves future import and matching processes by adjusting match algorithms to refine system accuracy.

Advanced Expense Management automatically creates expense receipts from new credit card transactions. Remind employees to submit scanned receipts via their mobile device with email or text message push notifications. This process significantly reduces the time spent chasing down receipts and improves expense accuracy for accounting and project costing and billing.

Key Benefits of Advanced Expense Management Software for your Company

Shorten Expense Cycles

Scheduled bank feed imports eliminate manual credit card statement imports. Automated expense receipt creation reduces the burden of chasing down employee expense receipts. Push notifications remind employees to submit expense receipts via their mobile phones.

Improve Data Accuracy

Smart matching using default settings eliminates error-prone manual matching for recurring transactions. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning improve smart matching by identifying existing transactions and correctly matching future expenses based on feedback.

Project Accounting Integration

Expenses and expense receipts flow through to the project accounting system for improved project costing. Billable expenses flow through to project accounting for faster and more accurate customer billing.

Important Features of Advanced Expense Management Software

  • Expense Claims
  • Automated Receipts
  • Fast Setup
  • Push Notifications
  • Smart Matching
  • Security & Audit Logs
  • Expense Claims

    Enable employees to enter expense receipts and submit expense claims with reimbursement for expenses incurred using personal accounts or corporate credit cards.

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