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Budgetary Control

The Budgetary Control module allows an organisation to track its expenditure against a budget starting from Purchase Requisition (Encumbrance) or from Purchase Order (Commitment) as well as monitor revenue estimates as per the latest standards set out by IPSS/MPSAS. Budgets can be tracked and monitored according to the organisation’s funding allocation, be it Operations or Development or other types according to the Budgets received from the Ministry

The Budget Tree enables budget tracking and monitoring from a bird’s eye view (Standard objects) or to the most granular of view (Detailed Objects). This module provides online application for budget virement and alert users when budget balance hits pre-set threshold percentage balance.

A minimum installation requires the installation of our proposed financial system’s General Ledger.

Key benefits of Budgetary Control for your business

Accessible anywhere, anytime using computer or mobile.

Secured and authorized data entry with two factor authentication.

Generate reports with automatic drill down to details and pivot reports using Generic Inquiries.

Operational Dashboard refreshes on the go to display latest information.

Approval Workflow allows rerouting of approval to other approvers should an approver goes on leave.

Additional features of Budgetary Control 

Flexible Budget Tree Structure to cater for Expense and Revenue Budgets

Track Expense Budget from Purchase Requisition (Encumbrance Budgeting) or track from Purchase Order (Commitment Budgeting)

Track Revenue Estimates.

Automatic Integration with Purchasing, Payables, Receivables and General Ledger.

Overspending Protection – either Notify and Proceed or Block transactions altogether.

Supplement, Warrant and Transfer Journals.

View built-in Operational Dashboard to view monthly processes, track new loans, look at loan trends etc.

Built in Generic Inquires enable end users to view records and filter searches accordingly.

Built in Scheduling functionality, enables notification of loan disbursements, outstanding payments, loan deferrals etc.

Audit Log can be switched on to log transactions pertaining to Budget Control and its related modules.

Budget Line Items allow account masking, i.e, enables future additions of expense/revenue account items tracked automatically without having to update budget configuration.

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