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Dashboard, Generic Inquiries & OData

Deliver key data from multiple data sources and provide actionable insights about the enterprise.

How Business Intelligence and Analytics Can Work for You

Business Intelligence goes beyond simple reporting and provides you with information about your business to help you spot trends, identify inefficiencies, and make more informed decisions.

GRP leverages business intelligence tools, such as Insights, to help you aggregate your data from multiple sources, extract actionable information for strategic and tactical decision-making, and present it visually to stakeholders. Business Intelligence helps you make sense out of all the raw data from your system, such as finding your most profitable products and sales regions or identifying the weak links in your supply chain.

With Insights, large amounts of data from various systems can be aggregated, organized, and analyzed. Combine information from GRP’s database with data from external sources, such as Excel files, Salesforce, and Marketo, to gain a complete view of your company’s operations and customers. Use GRP’s generic inquiries to expose GRP data via an Open Data Interface (OData) for visibility by Insights.

Learn more about BI and Analytic options in Acumatica:

● Generic Inquiries
● Insights

Key Benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics for your Company

Automatically aggregate data from different sources

Combine data from Excel files and applications such as Salesforce and Marketo with Acumatica data to leverage a complete view of your business.

Analyze data and create a visual with Insights

Select the best format for the data and the situation: Data table, pie chart, bar graph, traffic light, fuel gauge, and more. Switch display type and data selections to explore the intelligence buried in the data.

Role-based security

Display only the information necessary for each user. Sensitive information can be reserved only for those with appropriate access rights.

Drill down with natural language querying

Ask a question in plain language. “Which region had the most revenue?” or “Which products performed best by region?”

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