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Financial Dashboard

How Financial Dashboard can work for you

Our system comes with built-in Executive Management Dashboard that is designed to provide business users and decision makers to proactively monitor, analyse and identify performance, trends, risks and opportunities through a customized, visual presentation of critical information.

The solution will provide Federal Statutory Agencies with greater analytical resources to aid decision making. It will allow reporting and analytical functions to evaluate performance as a whole and in specific areas using heterogeneous data sources. It is expected to deliver the following benefits:

Key benefits of Financial Dashboard for your business

Better visibility into Financials System through the provisioning of dashboards and charts that track and display performance measures.

Improve operational efficiency by providing visibility into operational data in an easy to understand format that highlights efficiencies and inefficiencies with colour coding.

Improved management and quality via accurate end-user reporting.

Improved manageability and security of information from the financials system.

Improved coordination across departments.

Additional features of Financial Dashboard

Customized and personalized visual presentation

Role based access

Alarm & Reminder features

Ability to embed any webpage

Pivot Table

Data Table

Real-time data.

Drill-down capabilities provide you with the flexibility to trace problem areas directly to the source.

The trend-analysis, variance analysis, time series analysis, and traffic lighting features provide a powerful visual environment to monitor and set threshold for any measures

The data can be refreshed automatically, so that you can literally watch changes as they happen.

Reports can be displayed in analysis graphics such as charts, graphs, and tables.

Report can also be printed, emailed, exported into spreadsheets, or saved as a file.

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