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GRP Generic Inquiries for reporting and analytics

Easily extract the data you need and make it available to multiple reporting and analytics applications with GRP Generic Inquiries.

How Generic Inquiries Can Work for You

Generic Inquiries in GRP offer a way to extract the specific data you need and present it to reporting functions for analysis. But they are not just for reports – they can be used in dashboards, made available to BI tools, and offer drill-down capabilities for even more detailed analysis. The Generic Inquiry writer is a reporting tool that can access any data in GRP—including data stored in customized fields—and publish it, export to Excel, or format it for OData. The OData formatting option exposes the data in the Open Data Format supported by business intelligence tools like Insights.

Generic Inquiries require no prior coding knowledge, just select the data you need using wizards that walk you through the process. Generic Inquiries can be reused and modified for a variety of purposes.

Key Benefits of Generic Inquiries for your Company

Access any data in Century

Generic Inquiries can access any data contained in GRP and make it available for reports, dashboards, Excel files, or OData.

No coding required

Users do not have to learn complex programming languages to use Generic Inquiries. Just select the information you need from the database tables using the Generic Inquiry Writer.

Data security

Generic Inquiries enforce all security rules, so you can manage all ERP data security from a single location inside GRP.

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