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Human Resource Management 

Reduce staffing costs and increase accuracy with a complete payroll management solution for your entire Agency.

How Human Resource Management can work for you

Designed for agencies/ businesses with human resource requirements ranging from simple to sophisticated, GRP Human Resource delivers payroll, loan management and staff claims & advances to employees via check or direct deposit while simplifying setup, processing, and reporting. This solution reduces data entry while increasing the overall accuracy of your data by automatically pulling time entry data entered into the payroll system.

With GRP Human Resource, you can eliminate the cost of maintaining an interface to an external payroll system and benefit from time flowing seamlessly across GRP financials, project accounting, costing, business intelligence, distribution, manufacturing, construction and field service.

Key benefits of Human Resource Management for your business

Reduce payroll headaches

Easily pay your employees and manage tax filings.

Process payroll, loans, advance & claims anywhere

Quickly set up, modify, and report on the above from anywhere, using any popular web browser.

Accelerate decision making

Use out-of-the-box reporting and inquiry screens to access and analyze human resource information easily.

Streamline government taxes

Get timely, accurate updates to all local taxes.

Streamline government forms and reporting

Stay in compliance with the ever-changing dates, forms, calculations, rates, and compliance standards from government agencies.

Crew Time Entry

Construction and service agencies/ companies have crews which work similar hours. Entering work hours by the team reduces the order entry time and errors.

Additional features of Human Resource Management 

  • Pay Groups
  • Employee Classes
  • Tax Rates
  • Payroll Attributes
  • Earning Type Codes
  • Overtime Rules
  • Deductions and Benefits
  • Reporting
  • Pay Groups

    Set up multiple pay groups so that you can process different pay period schedules (such as weekly, bi-weekly, or semi-monthly) and include different deductions and benefits depending on the specific group and period.

    Human Resource Applications


    Our system’s Payroll Module has been a proven solution for the Public Sector Payroll Processing requirement.

    Loan Management

    Similar to the Payroll Module, the Loan Management module has assisted our current users in managing internal loan

    Staff advance & claims

    Staff Advances and Claims module enables employees to play for advances as well as submit expense claims

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