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The Investment module provides an easy way to manage investments efficiently. It allows interest to be recognised upfront upon confirmation of placement for selected investment type, allow for partial withdrawal of an investment before maturity and to capture the interest received if any for the withdrawal and produced generation of user definable Bank Instruction Letter for all investment transactions.

Summary of Features

Fixed and Variable Interest Rates and Term Investments.

View built-in Operational Dashboard to view and track investments portfolios, look at investment trends etc.

Built in Generic Inquires enable endusers to view records and filter searches accordingly.

Built in Scheduling functionality, enables notification of investment renewals, reinvesting opportunities etc.

In-built Report Designer allows user to generate standard reports and document formats with regards to investment or modify existing reports on the fly without any coding.

Audit Log can be switched on to log transactions pertaining to Investment and its related modules.

Summary of Key Benefits

Accessible anywhere, anytime using computer or mobile.

Secured and authorized data entry with two factor authentication.

Generate reports with automatic drill down to details and pivot reports using Generic Inquiries.

Operational Dashboard refreshes on the go to display latest information.

Approval Workflow allows rerouting of approval to other approvers should an approver goes on leave.

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