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Loan Management

How Loan Management can work for you

Similar to the Payroll Module, the Loan Management module has assisted our current users in managing internal loan. Having implemented, our users have appreciated of the efficient managing and maintaining the subsidiary ledgers with up to date information. There are also built in controls for duplication of loaners, IC, disallowing new loans when there are current active loans and other pertinent fields that are crucial for the loan processing.

The viewing, references and processing in one centralized screen of the loan master file makes it easy for the user to process the loan without the hassle of going into many screens. The functions that are available in this program itself are:

Loan Disbursement

• Deferment
• Guarantor Information
• Generation of Schedule
• Generation of the Individual Loan Movements

Enquiries and Reports

Enquiries can be done at many screens. The screen below shows the output pf schedule enquired form the loan master file. This output can be printed, email, or put to a file. User can do selection using the wild card search and it is a powerful tool when there are lots of records to manage.

Key benefits of Loan Management for your business

Accessible anywhere, anytime using computer or mobile.

Secured and authorized data entry with two factor authentication.

Generate reports with automatic drill down to details and pivot reports using Generic Inquiries.

Operational Dashboard refreshes on the go to display latest information.

Approval Workflow allows rerouting of approval to other approvers should an approver goes on leave.

Summary of Features

Loan Type enables segregation of loan types, such as vehicle, computer, housing etc.

View built-in Operational Dashboard to view monthly processes, track new loans, look at loan trends etc.

Built in Generic Inquires enable endusers to view records and filter searches accordingly.

Built in Scheduling functionality, enables notification of loan disbursements, outstanding payments, loan deferrals etc.

Additional features of Loan Management

Modules provide additional features that can be combined and configured to create solutions for government.

  • Employee Self-Service
  • Civil Service Movement
  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll
  • Loan Management
  • Standard Reports
  • Civil Service Performance Appraisal
  • Travel and Subsistence

Employee Self-Service

Enables employees to manage payslips, statements and related functions.

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