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How Payroll can work for you

Our system’s Payroll Module has been a proven solution for the Public Sector Payroll Processing requirement. It has been in the market since the old payroll scheme, to the Skim Saraan Baru (SSB) and now the Sistem Saraan Malaysia (SSM).

SSM has evolved and matured throughout these phases and is still undergoing reviews for further process and reporting improvements while keeping abreast with the Government Treasury and Circulars. The system has been running in over 40 sites ranging from Statutory Bodies to State Agencies.

Key benefits of Payroll for your business

Accessible anywhere, anytime using computer or mobile.

Secured and authorized data entry with two factor authentication.

Generate reports with automatic drill down to details and pivot reports using Generic Inquiries.

Operational Dashboard refreshes on the go to display latest information.

Approval Workflow allows rerouting of approval to other approvers should an approver goes on leave.

Able to run multiple pay run in the same month.

Record history.

Payslips can be viewed and print for any period by the authorised users with no additional intermediate technical assistance.

More than 50 payroll reports of various selection criteria for operational and management purposes.

Additional Features of Payroll

Employee Master File – To capture all the detailed payroll information such as the Employee Group, Pay Pattern, his/her salary scheme (where it will refer to the SSM table), with the sub-menus to capture all the monthly deductions, bank information details, reference file for all the deductions for the various agencies and a whole lot more of the employee detail information.

SSM, EPF, SOCSO, Allowances Tables

Pay codes – Basic Salary, Allowance, and Deductions Individual setups with required pre-defined business rules.

Institution set ups

Standard Reports

    Laporan Analisa
  • Laporan Maklumat Pekerja
  • Laporan Ringkasan Pekerja
  • Laporan Perbezaan Gaji
  • Laporan Ringkasan Gaji
  • Laporan Penyesuaian Gaji
  • Laporan Agihan Gaji
  • Laporan Potongan Institusi
  • Senarai Pindahan Bank
  • Laporan Pembayaran Gaji
    Laporan Berkanun
  • Laporan Pencen (format 1, 2 dan 3)
  • Generation of EC Form
  • Caruman KWSP Borang A
  • Summary Pay Information – include employer’s contribution for EPF, SOCSO and pension in the report
  • Laporan Caruman PERKESO Borang 8A
  • Laporan Potongan Cukai CP 159
  • Senarai Borang CP 159
  • Borang PCB TP1 (1/2013) – Individual Rebate and Deduction Claim Form or Borang Tuntutan Potongan dan Rebat Individu
  • Borang PCB TP2 (1/2013) – Borang Tuntutan Manfaat Berupa Barangan dan Nilai Tempat Kediaman yang Disediakan oleh Majikan
  • Borang PCB TP3(1/2013) – Borang Maklumat Berkaitan Penggajian dengan Majikan-Majikan Terdahulu dalam Tahun Semasa bagi Tujuan PCB
  • Laporan Potongan Cukai Pendapatan PCB
  • Penyata Saraan
  • Penyata Potongan Zakat
  • Biro Angkasa
  • Tabung Haji Contribution

View built-in Operational Dashboard to view and track payroll disbursements, look at employment trends etc.

Built in Generic Inquires enable endusers to view records and filter searches accordingly.

Built in Scheduling functionality, enables notification of salary disbursement, allowance tracking etc.

In-built Report Designer allows user to generate standard reports and document formats with regards to payroll or modify existing reports on the fly without any coding.

Audit Log can be switched on to log transactions pertaining to payroll and its related modules.

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