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Staff Advance and Claims

How Staff Advance & Claims can work for you

Staff Advances and Claims module enables employees to play for advances as well as submit expense claims using artificial intelligence to scan receipts and automatically enter accounting details through phones and tablets. Claims follow a predefined approval process. System creates an Invoice in Accounts Payable for reimbursement and a customer invoice for approved, billable items.

Key benefits of Staff Advance & Claims for your business

Accessible anywhere, anytime using computer or mobile.

Secured and authorized data entry with two factor authentication.

Generate reports with automatic drill down to details and pivot reports using Generic Inquiries.

Operational Dashboard refreshes on the go to display latest information.

Additional features of Staff Advance & Claims

Staff can use their smart mobile to scan receipts and upload them immediately to the system.

Record details of advances, including a list of anticipated expenses and estimated value, while cross-referencing with Budgetary

Control to ensure advances are within the organization’s budget.

View built-in Operational Dashboard to view monthly processes, track Outstanding Advances and Claims, etc.

Built-in Generic Inquiries enable end-users to view records and filter searches accordingly.

Automatically produce a cheque for an approved Advance.

Record the details of Claims, including actual expenses incurred and their value.

Built-in Scheduling functionality enables notification of unclaimed advances, outstanding claims, etc.

Integration with other SAGA modules as well as other systems via API.

Bulk processing of advances and claims.

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