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User & User Security in GRP

In GRP a separate module is designed specifically for User and User Security Management. To access GRP, an individual must have a user account in the system. Each account includes a login, a password, and other required settings, such as the user’s first and last name, email address, password policy options, and access rights.

User accounts in GRP can be local (created and managed directly in GRP) or created and managed in external identity management systems, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Azure Active Directory via integration. To make the authentication process easier for users, single sign-on can be configured with external identity providers.

Access to information is controlled primarily by the roles assigned to the user who logs in to the system. To access GRP, users must pass authentication to confirm their identity. Then users pass authorization to determine their access rights to the system objects, such as forms. Users can access only the objects they are allowed to use and perform only the actions they are authorized to based on their access rights.

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