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Budget Control Module (CFG-BC01)

Budget Control Module (CFG-BC01)

About this course

The Century Financials Budget Control is a 2 day course which is ideal for those candidates who are responsible managing, maintaining and handling the overall budget.

This course will benefit people who need further understanding of the current functionalities of the Budget Control Modules. It encompasses a wide variety of functions, setups, processes and understanding of its various reports.

h Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand to setup budget accounts, budget type, budget grouping, monitor account and type.
  • Understand what are the areas to consider before creating the budget account.
  • Create BC sub codes and its segments
  • Understand the meaning of the 2 different budget types and how should these types be assigned to its related budget account.
  • Understand how to use Budget Generation function and Budget Carry Forward function.
  • Understand the relationship between Budget and Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Cash Book, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger module.

Target Audience

Employees who are in charge of the Accounts Department particularly section Budget.

Course Outline

Day 1


Brief explanation of the Budget Control module


Budget Account Shape
Budget Types
Budget Group
Monitor Type
Monitor Account

Accounts Receivable & Billing Operations

Budget Transfer Journal
Budget Supplement Journal
Budget Adjustment Journal
Budget Generation
Budget Carry Forward

Day 2

Budget Control

Relationship between Budget module and PU, AP, CB, AR & GL module.
Understand ALL related budget reports and interpreting it.


Funding Exception Report
Budget Commitment Report
BC Activity Report
Budget Transaction Detail Report
Laporan Vot
Budget Ministry Report

Administrative Details

• Course Fee

RM 1,590 / pax (incl. SST)

• Duration

2 Days

• Lunch and refreshment provided

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