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CFG-ST01 – Stock Control Module

CFG-ST01 – Stock Control Module

About this course

The Century Financials Accounts payables is a 2 day course which is ideal for those candidates who are responsible of the data entry, daily operations and administration of stock. The Stock Control module enables an organization to control their stock and automatically generate General Ledger and Project Costing transactions whenever there is a movement in a warehouse / stock record.

Records are created for warehouse stock details, packaging units, stock categories and types, locations, bins etc and these all combine to produce an integrated system capable of tracking the transactions. Separate General Ledger profile records, attached to each stock record, direct the financial transactions for each type of stock transaction. Typical transactions are receipts, issues, returns and transfers, all have a different effect on the financial records.

Stock can be integrated to Purchasing, Project Costing General Ledger, Fixed Asset. Functionally to adjust cost and selling prices (which are held at a warehouse level) are part of the module, as is a stock take procedure with a reconciliation and ledger adjustment routine. Standard reporting includes reports on variances, transactions, reorder limits, slow movement, reconciliations and valuations.

h Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand of the steps required to generate, release and control of stocks and related process.
  • Understand the new functions in the Stock Control module.
  • Understand how to fix reconciliation problems for Stocks.
  • Understand what are the do’s and don’t ‘s of the Stock Control module.
  • Understand what are the main relationship between these two modules and with General Ledger & Project Costing.

Target Audience

Employees who are in charge of the Accounts Department particularly section Purchasing, Asset Management and Warehouse/Store Department.

Course Outline

Day 1


Brief explanation of the Stock Control Module


Stock Master Detail
Warehouse Stock
Stock Category
Stock Type
Packaging Unit
Tax Category
Warehouse Detail
Standard Location/Bin
Standard Unit
Period Sets
Quantity Discount Break
GL Profile
ST Warehouse Group


Period End Function
Price Change
Price Update
Year End Function
Cost Change
Concession Code
Concession Tariff
Tariff Rate
Tariff/Concession Matrix

Day 2


Warehouse Stock
Serial Transaction History


Transaction Entry
Stock Take


Stock Variance Report
Stock Category By Warehouse
Consolidated Category
Stock Transaction Report
Warehouse Location/Bin
Stock Status Report
Inactive Items Report
Inventory Re-Order Report
Stock Gain/Loss Report
Slow Movement Report
ST/GL Reconciliation
ST/GL Distribution
Stock Audit
Price Book Report
Stock Valuation Report
Price List Print
Stock Re-Order Report
Stock Sales Margin Report
Stock Replenishment Report (Minor Warehouse)


Administrative Details

• Course Fee

RM 1,590 / pax (incl. SST)

• Duration

2 Days

• Lunch and refreshment provided

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